Thermocouples: Different Types And Their Specific Uses

Today Thermocouples are widely used to measure temperatures because they are a reasonable, reliable and rugged option for you. They are commonly used for industrial purposes but are also useful in laboratories and for general purposes. If you are looking to buy them for your industrial unit or any specific needs, you will need to understand different types available to you and how they suit your needs. They are made of different metal combinations and hence are appropriate for different temperature ranges.

And that’s precisely why some of them are more suited for a particular application than the other. For example the Type B can be used for temperatures around 1600°C but aren’t advisable for temperatures that are below 600°C. Type E on the other hand works for temperatures between 0-870°C and are commonly used if you need precise measurements as they offer a high degree of accuracy. Type K is popularly used in refineries, oil and gas industries while Type T is commonly used in laboratories. If you are trying to save costs but don’t want to compromise on results either, then Type N will work better for you especially within 300-500°C range.

Given their crucial significance for your processes, you can understand why you need to know more about different types of Thermocouples and their specific uses in different kinds of industries. Understanding more about these different types and how they work at varying temperature ranges will help you make the right decision.


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