Thermocouples – The traditional method still prevailing in the industries

The concept of thermocouples is based on the concept that when two different metals when come in contact with each other at certain temperature produce a certain voltage and thereby help in measuring the difference in temperature. Two different metals are joined at one end and the other end is contacted with the environment that should be measured. Different types of metals are joined together with the help of this thermocouple. There are various industries that still use this method of measuring thermocouples is food, dairy, pharmaceutical, Hvac and the like. This is although an old technology it is still used in these industries. It is still known to be an essential tool in many industries.

Although there are many technologically advanced machines, thermocouples are still used in many parts of the world. Although, it has limitations it is still used because it is safe and easy to use. It can provide quick results in showing the difference in temperature without imposing any risk on the employees. Kiln, gas turbine exhaust, steel and diesel engines industries use this process to measure temperature difference.

There are various combinations of metals and calibration combinations that are used in thermocouples. You can go online and find out the various combinations of alloys. Depending on the usage and the budget you can splurge, choose the right combination of metals as per the industry requirement.


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